My friends know I attempted to write a cook book a couple of years ago. I spent nearly 2 years developing about 100 recipes for the book but then it broke down in the writing process.

(The preface to the book can be found below.)

I’ve decided to start inserting the recipes in my blog. For those who are interested, I’ve collected them here for easy reference !

Cookin’ Down on the Farm …


A number of years ago, so many now I prefer to forget, I made a Thanksgiving dinner for my extended family. I wanted to try something different from the traditional turkey or ham that had adorned the table for all the years of my youth. A friend of mine, and an extraordinary cook, had once told me how he removed the bones of a chicken before cooking it. I was intrigued. I thought, if he could do this with a chicken, surely I could do the same with a turkey large enough for the family guest list of fourteen! I set about to give it a try.

That year, I made the first meal that was truly a reflection of me. I boned the turkey; created a stuffing of fennel sausage and asparagus; grilled all types of vegetables including baby sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts (a curious family favorite) and personal sized breads. I even tried to make the preparation and display worthy of fine dining.

Ultimately, the culinary calisthenics were lost on my family. Comsi comsa.

What I realized that year was that I no longer was in the shadow of my mother and her mother, and all of those generations before them. I had done a meal that none of them would have dreamed of. It was then and there that I knew I had my own style. I had created my own kitchen.

This book is a mix of recipes, thoughts and musings, and a few stories. It is my hope that, while wondrous for my ego if you were to duplicate my dishes exactly, I would be equally happy to find you had made them your own.

The goal is for you to introduce your own fresh local ingredients, spice to your own liking, and experiment with the foundations I have put to paper, perhaps with tuberous; because, I have realized that no recipe belongs to any one person. We all will make the food reflect our own surroundings, personality, and yes, even our heredity. Food is to be experienced and lauded. It should create new memories and reinforce old ones. If you cook exclusively from a book ,it will be like living in a hotel – pleasant and comfortable, but never truly home.

So read through the recipes and hopefully the stories and background that brought them to life. Then head to the kitchen and make them come to life !