Heat shrink tubing is a useful commodity on your electronics workbench. It is both effective at keeping those all important electrons from running amuck as well as making your work looking very professional.

If you want to increase the efficiency of you heat gun as well as make the process faster, add a wrap around heat shield!

Some heat guns come with various attachments but none may be what you really need. The key is to have the heat shield diameter be large enough to maneuver easily while being small enough to concentrate the heat quickly.

The copper pipe fittings isle of your local hardware or plumbing store has everything you need.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find some combination of fittings to reduce the output of the heat gun down to 3/4″.
  2. Take a 4″ piece of 3/4″ copper pipe and cut it lengthwise about 3″.
  3. Cut it width wise, half way through at the 3″ mark and remove the resulting piece. You now have a 1″ piece of copper pipe with a 3″ long half-pipe.
  4. Gently flatten about 2-1/2″ of the half-pipe and then curl it to form a semi-circle.
  5. Assemble all of the parts as shown in the photo.

The heat gun with heat shield is easy to use with one hand and has the advantage that it may be used in tight spaces. The 3/4″ end piece is easy to remove if needed – just don’t try it when the pipe is hot!