I’m prepping sausages for Bangers ‘n Mash. I’m cooking the sausages in my immersion cooker and will pan sear them just before plating.

‘sausage, rustic mashed potatoes, peas’
‘sausage, rustic mashed potatoes, peas’

If you read the posts on sous vide sausages, the informative ones will likely say “it works but why bother?” They describe the result as being nearly the same as beer brats and grilled whole sausages. So why do I sous vide?

The biggest reason I use immersion cooking is so my focus is on my guests and not on the food.

When I use my sous vide (this one), I have a lot of latitude on when the meat is ready. It can be ready in 45 or 90 minutes. With few exceptions it’s still ready 1-2 hours later.

Rather than call my guests to dinner when the food is ready, I prefer to serve the food when the guests are ready. It’s that simple. If it’s a particularly nice evening or a great sunset, we can enjoy it for as long as we want. When hunger finally takes hold, the meal is ready to serve in just a few minutes.