As the smart house becomes more and more busy with devices integrated with voice control via Amazon’s Alexa (and probably Google’s Home) it’s inevitable that you will run into naming conflicts.

Control Sonos from Echo Dot

Historically, Sonos devices were named for the room they were in / kitchen, living room, den, etc. This results in the voice command …

Alexa, play Freddie Mercury in the Kitchen

This may or may not work depending on light switch names, appliances, or just the fickle whims of Alexa.

The Amazon tutorials for Sonos integration say …

Alexa, play Freddie Mercury on Kitchen

This was really hard for me to (1) remember and (2) linguistically accept. My solution was to name the Sonos devices as “things” rather “places”. Now the command becomes …

Alexa, play Freddie Mercury on Kitchen Sonos

This is both easier to remember and eliminates future naming conflicts.