When was the last time you updated the software on you smart home devices?

IoT cartoon by wilgengebroed via Flickr
IoT cartoon by wilgengebroed via Flickr

While some IoT (internet of things) devices such as your Google Home speakers and Amazon Echo devices will update automatically, most of the “smart home” accessories are not very smart.

You no doubt get frequent updates to apps on your mobile devices. Sometimes those updates add new features but most often they are described as “updates” and “big fixes”.

Odds are good there have been updates for smart switches, smart plugs, smart thermostat, smart scales, smart toothbrush, smart locks, smart garage door opener, smart coffee maker, yada yada yada. Did you know? Did you install?

Find the app that you used to setup each device and check to see if there are “firmware” updates!

While you are at it, check your wireless router and update the firmware on it.

If you don’t, you are an easy target for the IoBT (internet of bad things).