If you have an Amazon Alexa enabled device or a Google Home device you may be thinking smart bulbs, smart outlets, etc. for home automation. It adds up fast when you consider $10+ for a single smart bulb and $25+ for a smart outlet or smart wall switch. If it were say $5-$7 each, then you could get creative!

Turns out there is an option for the do-it-yourself types – the SonOff WiFi Smart Switches.

‘SonOff switch installed under cabinet and on an extension cord’
‘SonOff switch installed under cabinet and on an extension cord’

These are not exactly plug-n-play but if you can use a screw driver and cut wire, these are very easy to install.

I started by installing on on an extension cord. This lets me try it out on lots of different things. I also installed them on my office under-cabinet Lights because they were not connected to a wall switch anywhere.

Like all of the various WiFi switches, there is a mobile app to get them setup. There is also an Alexa skill (likewise for Google Home). Once the skill is setup, you probably won’t use the mobile app much.

Warning: don’t forget that all of these internet connected devices could get hacked. Part of your best defense is to periodically check that they are running their latest firmware. Heck, just ask Alexa or Hey Google to creat a monthly reminder 🙂