Many people use 3D printers to make little doo-dads while others reproduce parts to repair things and still others create movie and cosplay props or toys.

Some problems can be solved if only a strange never-before existing object existed. This is the realm of the 3D printer. If you can imagine it then it’s probably you can make it with a 3D printer.

Obviously, there are limits but with advances in the print technology and the breadth of available materials, imagination has become the limiting factor.

‘column collar’
‘column collar’

The farmhouse has a large spiral staircase to the second floor. It’s right in the middle of the living room – half functional and half design element.

The second floor is used infrequently and in the winter, with the heat set back upstairs, there is a waterfall effect of cold air trying to flow down to the first floor.

The 3D printed collar provides a 270 degree ring to receive three 90 degree panels. The panels are fiberglass-over-foam core and hinges together. The solution would have been much more difficult if the collar had to be made using traditional techniques. With a 3D printer, the CAD took less than 30 minutes to draw and send to the printer. (Of course, the printer took 5 hours.)