Cooking for College Kids is a series for anyone who wants to learn some basic kitchen skills, never has enough time, or is looking for some food hacking ideas.

Multiple chicken recipes for under $5!

Chicken is low cost, versatile ingredient which great on salads, in sandwiches, soups, and more. A single small chicken can make 6 sandwiches or a family sized chicken pot pie, and creates a quart of chicken stock. It can also be a challenge to avoid the dreaded rubber chicken.

‘ready to pick rotisserie chicken’
‘ready to pick rotisserie chicken’

A typical store bought rotisserie chicken is just under 2 lbs and already cooked to perfection. Unless you plan to serve is hot from the grocery store, same money and shop the refrigerated case with the day-old, day-day-old, or my favorite, the day-day-day-old bargains. These are often marked way down to $3.75 or even $2.50

A novice can pick the entire bird in about three James Taylor songs. A seasoned food hacker can do it with just two P!nk songs.

You end up with about 1.5lbs of delicious cooked meat.

‘ready to eat chicken and chicken stock’
‘ready to eat chicken and chicken stock’

As you pick the chicken, toss all of the skin, bones, and bits in a pot. When you are down, pour hot water into the bottom of the plastic contained the chicken was sold in. This will loosen any remaining bits as well as dissolve any fat and gelatin. Pour this in to the pot with the bones. Bring to a boil and then turn off the heat. Let it sit for an hour and then strain the liquid stock into a left over 1liter bottom or other container.

OK, now you can use the chicken for most anything. Sandwiches are easy and fast. Chop it up and it is good for salads, hearty soup (using the stock you just created) with fresh sautéed veggies or lazy with a small bag of frozen mixed vegetables, chopped fine with a little dressing and it makes yummy chicken salad sandwiches (a must have tool for the College Kids Kitchen is a
Ninja Chopper).

In short, with less than 30 minutes work, you’ve got individual meals for three or more days or food for 4 people and it’s less than $5!

Tip: this scales (and saves even more time) so if you can score 2, 3, or even 4, discounted rotisserie chickens, then go for it!

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    1. I’m sure a health expert will scream but I have frequently kept a cooked rotisserie chicken in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. For a day-day-day-old chicken this equates to upwards of a week.

  1. I like your time measurement system. Now I’m thinking of how much work one could get done during Alice’s Restaurant.

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