Shop safety is important and as Norm Abrams use to say, “there’s no more important safety equipment than safety glasses”.

If you are building anything – including your own airplane – you should have safety glasses.

The good news is today you can find comfortable, decent looking, wrap around safety glasses for little more than $1 each.

You don’t always work alone so you may as well take advantage of one of the many bulk options and buy 5, 10, or even 20 pair.

What can you do with so many pairs of safety glasses? Well, you need a pair and you will want a pair for your helpers. That still leaves several spares.

If you’re a pilot, how about a pair of view limiting devices for training?

Mask off the bottom area and a quick blast of flat primer and you have a very low cost pair of DIY “foggles”.

DIY Foggles
DIY Foggles

Still have left over safety glasses? Make several pair of view limiting devices and donate them to the local flight school!