Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless
Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless

The single most expensive piece of a LoCoRo (low cost robot) is the Raspberry Pi 3. That all changed with the announcement of the Raspberry Pi Zero W – a $10 US single core Raspberry Pi with wifi and Bluetooth support.

The demand is so high for the RPi0W they are back ordered nearly everywhere. So it was momentous when we received one to test.

The RPi3 has a quad core CPU. The RPi0W has a single core CPU. While both support the PIXEL desktop environment, we decided to install Raspbian without PIXEL. The only downside was setting up the wireless which becomes a command line task.

FYI: we are looking at either posting a custom Raspbian image or a ‘recipe’ for the PiBakery utility.

The LoCoRo software instructions on STEMroller.com worked without any change.

The CAD files will soon be updated to reflect the mounting holes for the RPi0W.

If you can get your hands on a Raspberry Pi Zero W, you are on your way to an even lower cost LoCoRo!