funny nonsensical formula
funny nonsensical formula

The question no one wants to ask and absolutely no one wants to answer – “will there be a LoCoRo kit for sale?”

Today was the day of reckoning. The spreadsheet was launched. The receipts tallied. Bulk prices estimated. The answer wasn’t pleasant.

While the LoCoRo is a flexible and compelling DIY design, selling kits only makes sense to education groups. While it’s possible to get a reasonable price for parts and materials, the added costs of packaging, inventory, and support push the cost of individual units right where everyone else is.

LoCoRo has a lot more going for it than many similarly priced robots. The big differentiator is the programming model. Whereas most are based on the Arduino, the LoCoRo uses a Raspberry Pi (or clone). This difference is huge when it comes to programming experiences and flexibility.

Is the LoCoRo differentiation justified? Good question and one we don’t have an answer. In all likelihood the answer is “yes” for groups, classrooms, and summer STEM programs.