The last of the documentation for the first full release of the LoCoRo project is complete and available at

With the recent shift to include the Python-LoCoRo, the odds are good that something may be broken with the ROS content but hopefully not too significant.

navigator to the documentation
navigator to the documentation

The big additions are the documentation for developing a mobile webapp to control the LoCoRo and the developer API documentation.

webapp documentation
webapp documentation

The webapp documentation introduces how to use the touchcontrolsjs library to create touch interface game controller styled UI which works with the Python web server and websocket example to perform teleoperation of the LoCoRo as well as trigger programmed autonomous actions.

Once the each beta tester completes their LoCoRo and provide feedback on the documentation, the real fun begins – creating programming challenges, incorporation sensors, and possibly setting up mini competitions!

3 thoughts on “LoCoRo 1.0 documentation is complete”

  1. Hi. Your ros-i2cpwm_board is really useful ROS package and I am using it for my project on bipedal robotics. I need to control multiple 180-degree servos using PCA9685. I am facing some issues regarding ros-i2cpwm_board ROS package. When I publish to the topic servo_proportional with ServoArray msg containing more than one Servo, my servos start to misbehave, but if I publish with only one element in ServoArray msg, the corresponding servo moves just fine. I have made a ros node that subscribes to joy topic and then publishes to servos_proportional topic (of course after calling the service config_servos before). The subscriber callback function interpolates joystick analog values to corresponding proportional values for servos and then publishes ServoArray msg to the servos_proportional topic. When I run this, the servos don’t work like they are supposed to.

    I was wondering if you were also facing some similar problems, and if so, is the problem because of the PCA9685 chip, or because of data rate mismatch between nodes, or maybe in the I2C communication part.

    Your help will be very much appreciated.

  2. I just looked at the documentation (rostopic pub -1 /servos_proportional i2cpwm_board/ServoArray “{servos:[{servo: 1, value: 0.40}, {servo: 2, value: 0.40}]}”) and it shows an example of the changing two servos in a single topic to servo_proportional():

    rostopic pub -1 /servos_proportional i2cpwm_board/ServoArray “{servos:[{servo: 1, value: 0.40}, {servo: 2, value: 0.40}]}”

    I’d give that test a try and then, if there is still a problem, create an issue on the GitLab project so the developer(s) can help.

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