After crunching the user data from the questionnaire, one thing was clear – 80% of respondents wanted a robot to learn to code.

The ROS software stack is very flexible but it also was more than most STEM educators and students wanted.

The solution was obvious, if not completely effortless and so the py-LoCoRo solution was added.

pure Python LoCoRo
pure Python LoCoRo

The installation is very simple. It starts with the official Raspberry Pi Raspbian image with the PIXEL desktop environment. Then add the py-locoro project from GitLab. That’s it.

The package provides a pure Python control library as well as example code for creating automated functions, calibrating servos, and the mobile WebApp to drive the LoCoRo and demonstrated how to code both teleoperation and autonomous functions.

Even the web server and web socket interface are written in Python and all of the code is open source.

All of the documentation is available at