It’s curious who finds and uses a website. The STEMroller site, like most sites, tracks page hits but the level of detail is pretty minimal. However, nearly every web server logs traffic. Analyzing that traffic exposes some interesting data. Here are a few facts:

  • The questionnaire was accessed 124 times of which 54 of those were unique across 12 countries with China being second to the USA and after all of that only 5 surveys were completed.
  • The pages are being read heavily in the USA, Ryazan Russia, Beijing China, Peteh Tikwan Israel and before anyone starts a conspiracy theory, it appears the international sites are from academic institutions – which doesn’t reflect well on the USA attention to STEM education.
  • Massachusetts, New York, California, Virginia, and North Carolina make up most of the USA traffic with 10 other states represented.
  • There is measureable traffic to the ‘coding’ and ‘webapp’ pages even though those are place holders (as of the date of this analysis).
  • There were 12 accesses to the main site from users of Tor browsers.