The LoCoRo electronics module has been updated to include camera vision and first person video.

on board camera
on board camera

The electronics module design has reached another milestone. The LoCoRo now has a self contained component which holds all the primary electronics with the exception of the batteries.

The design is compact and can be attached to the robot chassis using its mounting plate. The new enclosure requires half the space of the original electronics “plate” used on the first LoCoRo prototype.

The 3D printed enclosure houses the Raspberry Pi 3, a 16 channel PWM motor controller, an MPU-9250 gyro/accelerometer, and a DC power converter. Both the motor controller board and the MPU use I2C to interface with the Raspberry Pi.

The LED display on the top shows the input voltage. The system is designed for 7.2v-9.6v input. There are brass power tabs on the top which may be used when electronic speed controllers are used. The power tabs are fed by the same input voltage. The red power button controls power for everything.

The Raspberry Pi camera module mounts to the top of the electronics enclosure. The camera pivots ±90 degrees. When the electronics enclosure is mounted near the front of a LoCoRo, the camera may be used for line following navigation by angling the camera down.