The mecanum wheels have 12 rollers each. Each roller needs an axle. Some designs use small metal rods. This project uses plastic.

The 3D printer filament is almost a perfect solution. The only problem is that is comes on a spool and this is curved.

Here is how to make straight pins using filament.

steps of making a pin from filament
steps of making a pin from filament

  1. the axle pin has a flat head
  2. start with a length of filament
  3. place it on a smooth flat surface and warm it with a hot air gun
  4. when it starts to soften, roll it back and forth with between two flat surfaces
  5. it will cool as a straight length of filament
  6. use a candle to soften the end
  7. press the softened end against a smooth metal surface
  8. this forms the head of the axle pin
  9. the finished axle pin holds a roller in the mecanum wheel hub