Living in a small house means being creative with space!

decorating the spiral staircase
decorating the spiral staircase

The main floor of the farmhouse doesn’t leave many options for a traditional Christmas tree. Additionally, I tend to be late with decorating and it seems environmentally unsound to cut a tree that will be decorated for a couple of weeks.

The solution to both is to decorate the spiral staircase which just happens to be right in the middle of the room!

I created LED garland from holiday fabric. One wraps the center column and the second is held to the stair treads by bamboo clips I created in the shop. It looks wonderful at night.

The clips serve double duty by holding the Christmas stockings. Each tread is for a different person. Their stocking goes at the end and their gifts go on top. There’s always an extra stocking for the surprise guest 🙂

Last year my mum started a new tradition by making holiday “bags” out of bright colored fabric with cinch strings. These we now reuse each year – yippie!

Nick’s bandage will be red and green for the holiday 🙂

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