getting older but still learning
getting older but still learning

This week was a quick trip to Virginia Tech to meet with various professors, the scholarship and gift department, and Lindsey Bass, the 2016 recipient of the scholarship for multi-disciplinary studies.

I’d forgotten the energy that exists on most college campuses. Virginia Tech is perhaps a bit more energetic given it has 31,000 students and a rough guess of 7000 staff.

It was a packed visit meeting with Dr Tomo Furukawa, Robotics; Christina McIntyre, Honors Program; and Bobby Vance, Architecture Design (to tour and discuss their FutureHaus). I also attended the student recitals including two pieces performed by Miss Lindsey Bass.

Many thanks to both Mark Russell and Judy Wolfe who organized my entire trip and were gracious to shuttle me to my many meetings. They both went above and beyond – especially given all of their responsibilities and their important day jobs.

Arrived at noon on Tuesday and departed at noon on Wednesday. Not a lot of time but definitely learned a lot! (I also had an excuse to wear a dress jacket for the first time is several years.)