Growing up, my grandmother had these special metal straws with a heart shaped scoop on the end and a small ball at the top. I later learned these were silver mint julep straws. It’s a bit ironic since my grandfather never allowed alcohol in their house. We used them for root beer floats.

I miss those straws and a search on eBay tells me I need to resign myself to that fact. HOWEVER …

… where there’s a will, there’s a way!

It turns out there are some affordable stainless steel facsimiles. Most have a boring round spoon end and a straight pipe straw. I did find a relatively attractive version with the same gentle “S” bend of those my grandmother had. These affordable versions also had a nice teardrop spoon. They did not have the ball at the end for your lips and the pipe at the spoon end was just a square cut.

I could do little about the ball but a little carful grinding and polishing and the spoon end of the pipe now has a graceful bevel.

Bring on the mint juleps … or sangria with fruit! … Root beer floats are available too at the Bucking Bar!