Here’s one for all my “guy friends” wanting to score romance points with their partner (or girl friends who want to do the same) …

Did you know you can make chocolate covered strawberries with less effort that folding the laundry or putting away the dishes? It’s true!

As long as strawberries are in season, here is what do …

First, save a bit of foam block from that last Amazon order of holiday gift. Next grab some toothpicks. You now have the “setup”.

You’ll want a microwave safe glass of about 5-8 oz. I’m using a tasting glass from the Redhook Brewery.

Break up some good chocolate into the glass. I use about 1/3rd Trader Joe’s milk chocolate and 2/3rds Trader Joe’s extra dark chocolate.

Here is the only [mildly] tricky part. You want to get good and comfortable melting chocolate in the microwave. Truth is, it’s really not difficult. You microwave about 4-6oz or more of chocolate on higher for one minute. Check to see how much has melted. If it’s about half, then stir with wooden skewer or the handle of a spoon or fork. Now microwave for 20 seconds. Check again. If it is nearly all melted drop to 10 seconds for the last burst. At anytime, if you are not sure, you can always drop down the time. Heck, you can start with 20 second intervals until you get confident in the process.

For me, it’s typical 60 seconds, 20, 10, and another 10. This step becomes very easy the second or third time you melt chocolate.

Take a strawberry. Remove the leaves and stem or not. It’s up to you. 

Stick a toothpick in the stem. Dip the strawberry into the glass of chocolate. Stick the toothpick into the foam block


Chill the foam block of strawberries for about 30 minutes. In a rush? No problem. Place the foam block of stranger risen the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Now, here is the great part. Take the glass of chocolate and place it in a ziplock baggy and remove most of the air. Not place the grass in the refrigerator. 

Anytime you want chocolate covered strawberries just take out the glass, add a little more chocolate and go back to the microwave step!

For me, start to finish is less than 5 minutes!