I am sitting here enjoying the latter part of a pleasant glass of red wine, having just finished a near perfect medium rare Sirloin steak with a simple salad and half potato dressed with a horseradish brown sauce.

simple steak that is simply delicious

simple steak that is simply delicious

I could have cooked the steak any number of ways. I used sous vide finished with a pan seer at 480F. Is this cheating? Perhaps. But ask yourself if you would want any of the following:

  • a streak that is cooked exactly to your preference without sweating about watching and timing the grill, the oven, or the pan
  • steak or fish for seven that is ready on time and in perfect sync with the dishes coming out of the oven
  • enjoying the pre-dinner conversation with your guests rather than sequestered in the kitchen making sure the main event is ready not
  • worrying when guests will arrive or when the family will be home for dinner

Using immersion bath cooking makes all of these possible because you don’t over cook the food. You CAN’T over cook the food.

I like the freedom and the accuracy of using sous vide. The meal is ready to plate when the people are ready to sit down – not the other way around.

I’m enjoying fish and steak more frequently now than in years. I doubt I’ll order a restaurant steak again. It would be too much of a disappointment.