Private airports – especially those on a farm – tend to have minimal traffic. Once in a while, the owner may try to put together an adhoc fly-in. But for most of the year, the airspace over a private grass runway is pretty quiet.

There are exceptions to nearly every rule – even rules of thumb..

This morning, I had intentions to go fly. The day dawned with thick fog. Once the fog lifted, it didn't go far – if became very low clouds. The clouds were too low for my flight plan, but it didn't ground everyone.

I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.


4 thoughts on “Flight traffic at 53VG”

    1. It’s an AgCat with a P&W 1340. It’s falling out of favor by many “arial applicators” in favor of AgTractors which are turbine powered.

  1. What’s the total weight of a full chemical payload? What’s the gross weight of the plane?
    That’s got to be the ultimate exercise in CG!

    1. The Ag Cat 600 has between 300 and 500 gallon hopper located near the CG. I think this is at the upper end but lets split the difference and say 400.
      Assuming the application material has at least the same weight as water would mean a full load would be at least 3360 lbs plus fuel and pilot.

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