Pilots look for any excuse to go fly. I’m a pilot Winking smile

The windsock was floppy and the trees were mostly calm so I thought today would be a good day to go fly a test circuit to see how the Catto Propeller was performing (now that the heat and humidity have subsided). I was surprised when I got my local area weather brief that it was reported to be windy. A quick look at the winds aloft and indeed it was windy. Well that scratched the idea of flying a test circuit in mostly calm air. But … I wonder just how windy it really is. Could it be THAT windy ? It just might be !

I took off and headed directly into the wind for about 30 miles. The I started to climb. 5,000 ft … 8,000 ft … 10,000 ft … and finally I passed thru 12,500 ft. I proceeded to calculate the actual wind direction and then changed my course to fly with the wind (or as close to it as I could without being blown out to sea).

My reward for this unorthodox flight ? I get to declare – with proof – that I am now a member of the 200 Kts club ! Not bad for a 150 hp carbureted airplane Smile with tongue out