I’ve just finished a new website for The Salmon Farm airport (53VG). It was a much larger undertaking than expected but it has a few very important tricks up its sleeve.

First, the site is fully responsive, meaning it works on desktop browsers, tablets, and smartphones with equal grace. It is resource efficient so even on typical cell phone coverage, it will perform well – the total data load is under 100KB.

For pilots, the METAR weather is live from an airport less than three miles away.

For those who have seen prior projects, the biggest deviation is that Fly 53VG is not a WordPress site. The decision was not because it was difficult. On the contrary, I recently finished a 501(C)(3) site that is also responsive and coupled to WordPress as its content management system. I chose to keep this site simple since the odds are high that I will only update a small section of it with any regularity. The "Advisories" box will get updates to runway conditions and flight hazards. Each section is represented by a different PHP file and my iPad has a nice FTP client with a built in editor so making those small changes will be quick and easy.

But wait. There’s more !

There is a complete introductory video of the traffic pattern for both runway 03 and runway 21. The video gives an overview of the airport and includes full length video animation flying the traffic pattern with inset video footage from an aircraft. There is the complete sequence for both runways. This training video gives a pilot’s eye view of what to expect when flying into 53VG. For those with good internet bandwidth, the video is available for download at different resolutions.