provac It’s been nearly two years with my "favorite vacuum cleaner" and it’s as much fun as the first day it arrived. I have realized that I like it in part because its a manly vacuum, then it dawned on me – IT IS A MANY VACUUM. So, for any guy who wants one, I say go for it and also go right ahead and give it to your wife / girlfriend as a gift. Just remember to explain "it’s a manly vacuum" and you bought it for her so *YOU* will use it and not her. the first time you volunteer to vacuum the floors, you’ll be a god – the perfect husband / boyfriend – the unexpected gift. With any luck, she’ll be showering you with praise and perhaps a gift for you too !

4 thoughts on “How to give your wife a vacuum cleaner as a gift and live to tell the tail”

  1. I must admit, even though P bought a Dyson and not this vacuum, every time he takes it out and vacuums the house, it feels pretty nice. Still, I’m not sure it counts as a gift unless every time I make the bed, put the laundry away, or do the dishes *that* counts as a gift, too.

  2. Maybe there are more household chores that could take on a macho cachet. As I get older, any kind of cleaning is easier to do if I think of it along the lines of maintenance or routine, rather than “home-making.”

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