This site is not about fish farming, protest groups, most things pink, or the like. For those things, try Google or or or …

The Salmon Farm is all about preserving a way of life that tends to the land and gives back to the community. The goal is to fit the surroundings rather than the other way around.
The actual farm is located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Historically, the land was known as the Walker Farm and later the Bott Farm, Hyslop Farm, and other names. This area is definitely a “don’t blink” as there is not much to help with navigation !

I first visited the area in September 2003..

The area is wonderful! It’s no Boston or New York city but then again, neither am I. I grew up in Maine and lived more than 20 years in Eastern Massachusetts. Almost all of that time in areas of cows, horses, and farms. This juxtaposed to a work life in high tech and later “stuff in and around the Washington DC area” … I’ll leave it at that.

That lifestyle here on the Easter Shore and the people it fosters is harder and harder to find in New England (at least when all of the other expectations of life are added to the mix). To be honest, it’s becoming harder to find even here on the Eastern Shore.  I was looking for some place a bit warmer (weather wise) so I looked south. Virginia was what I found and the Eastern Shore was where I found it.

So, here I am. Google will show the Salmon Farm here

You’ll find lots happening on the Salmon Farm. The kitchen is always open; there is always room at the table; the workshop is seldom empty; and you only need to look to see what’s growing in the front 45 or what’s roaming in the woods of the back 45.

Watch for me and the dog(s). We tend to wander off at the drop of a hat 🙂